The Youth Radio Network Rocks Waverley Mall

December 17, 2018 - 392 views

With just over a week to go until Christmas, we welcomed The Youth Radio Network back to Waverley Mall for the second time this season, to take over our stage and host the Youth Talent Showcase, on Saturday 15thDecember, further to their event on 24th November. 

Vist Scotland

The event, which formed part of Scotland’s official national events programme to celebrate Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, saw 10 young acts take to the stage throughout the day to perform their renditions of popular and original tracks. A second stage was also set up in the Visit Scotland Edinburgh iCentre and the event was broadcast live on air across The Youth Radio Network.

Acts involved included Jaxon McCallum, Jack Cook, Sasha Kaloheris, Jasmin Milne, Taylor Cullen, David Mochan, Nicole Carlin and Felicity Underdown. In addition, guest speaker, author and life coach Leila Khan spoke about her belief in supporting young people – going on to promote self-love, mental wellbeing  and happiness.

The collaboration between Waverley Mall and The Youth Radio Network has provided valuable platform for youngsters to demonstrate their talent to the general public and help them to overcome personal fears as well as alter public perceptions.  

The Youth Radio Network’s ethos is to Teach, Empower, and Entertain young people aged 13 to 25 years old through the power of music and digital technology.  By running this exciting and engaging pop-up showcase, the youth lead radio station is doing just that. The Youth Radio Network is passionate about getting young people heard, whether by allowing them to express their views or giving them opportunities to showcase their talent, live. They believe that young people are the next generation and by harnessing their talents, they can develop key skills which would, in turn, prepare them for careers and their futures into young adulthood.

The event at Waverley Mall has been a resounding success and we look forward to working with The Youth Radio Network and lots of talented young people in the New Year. 

Jacquelyn Stewart, Centre Manager, Waverley Mall says: “We’re thrilled at the achievement of The Youth Radio Network in bringing this event together. Their ethos is so closely aligned with ours - to showcase the very best of authentic Scotland – whether that be brands, product or talent, that we had no hesitation in working with them on this initiative.

Keiran Harvey, Managing Director, The Youth Radio Network said:  “This event was a massive success and it truly showed how amazing the young people of Scotland are! I would like to put a big thanks out to the whole team at The Youth Radio Network and at Waverley Mall, and Visit Scotland as well as all the acts as without them, this event would have been nothing. We can’t wait to work more with Waverley Mall, and keep teaching and Empowering young people to entertain the public and the people of Scotland!”

The event at Waverley Mall has been a resounding success and we look forward to working with The Youth Radio Network and lots of talented young people in the New Year.

You can see all the photos from the event here: 


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