Our very own Kellie sings LIVE on The Big Saturday Night Show

April 14, 2019 - 81 views

The Youth Radio Network welcomes Kellie Scullion on board our team as Head of Resources and Operations! 

The Youth Radio Network is a diverse community of young people and adults and is committed to equality of opportunity for all by providing a supportive, flexible, inclusive and fun environment. We promote gender equality and we are committed to having an inclusive culture which supports and encourages anyone with an interest in our work. We work with all our volunteers to understand their skill sets, needs and aspirations for the future (whatever that may be). All volunteers are required to agree to certain terms and conditions and we provide ongoing personal and professional development to help our volunteers with their goals. 

On Saturday 13th of April 2019 on The Big Saturday Night Show, Kellie thought it was ok to send a clip of her singing via Facebook to our Presenter Craig. You know it has to be played on the show, it would be wrong not to. Here is the section of the show we played Kellie Singing: 


You can catch The Big Saturday Night show right here on The Youth Radio Network every Saturday from 8 pm-Midnight! 


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