New Site Launch

January 27, 2019 - 441 views

Welcome to The  Youth Radio Network's brand new site! Our team have been working extremely hard, over the past few months to have this website, and its amazing features come to life. The Youth Radio Network's development team, have spent hours with directors planning, designing and implementing unique features for the station's new site. The site follows the stations brand colours and goal to Teach, Empower, Entertain the youth of Scotland. Many of the sites new features are in beta and would appreciate if you notice any errors please contact us on

The station's unique schedule system lets you connect with your favourite station presenter and send the message straight from your web browser or mobile device so you can get your favourite song played or get a shout out. In the future, we hope to implement more advanced ways for you to communicate with our on-air presenters as they broadcast such as live chat and studio cam so you can be in the room with them.

Keiran Harvey Managing Director / Founder of The Youth Radio Network said: " The new website has been a long time coming! It is the start of something super excitement. Our team will continue working on the site over the coming months, and improvements will continue to be made!"

We had an exclusive chat with our CEO Keiran live on air listen back to it here: 


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