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Our mission

The Youth Radio Network is a digital place where young people can easily access and develop their skills and interests. It acts as a sounding board for

youth news and issues and promotes all youth organizations. The Youth Radio Network's focus is on young people, and topical issues such as Bullying, Racism, LGBT and much more. Our music is generally chart music, and we play any young artists/bands from across the world. The aim is to have a fresh and upbeat sound and something that young people feel; they can get involved in and we encourage our young people to influence the music we play. There are also opportunities for our listeners to interact with radio programmes. We will highlight any young musicians, artists or bands, after all, it’s the

internet and you never know who may be discovered next!


The Youth Radio Network is completely digital so anyone can present for us from any location!We also want to help young people ages 16 to 25 years old get into employment and we hope that we can help open many doors for young people looking for a career in the broadcasting industries.


Our vision

The Youth Radio Network’s vision is to empower, teach and entertain young people, aged 13 to 25 years,through the power of music and digital technology, opening doors to the broadcast industries, and to become more employable helping them to get the best start in life.



Teach young people how the broadcasting industry works and what is involved. Help them understand what employers in different industries look for. This could include: helping them build/create their CV, doing mock interviews, helping them build contacts and get different experiences!



Give young people the opportunities, skills, and equipment they need to get experience in the broadcast industry. We do this through our cloud-based web system that allows our volunteers to broadcast from anywhere in the world with just a PC / Laptop, an internet connection and a USB microphone!We will also empower young people to: have a voice and speak their opinions; be heard and recognized for what they do as singer songwriters; and, gain as much experience in different industries as possible and help them to be more employable so they have the best start in life!



The Youth Radio Network wants to entertain young people out there and have a radio station dedicated to them, making sure it is sounding fresh and upbeat and something that young people feel; they can get involved in. We will also highlight any young musicians or artists or bands through this!After all it is the

internet and you never know who you will discover next!


Volunteering Opportunities

We work with all our volunteers to understand their skill sets, needs and aspirations for the future (whatever that may be). All volunteers are required to complete an application form and to agree to certain terms and conditions and that helps our support workers to match potential volunteers to the most suitable roles that will help them with their goals. The roles we have on offer vary from time to time and they generally center



  • Broadcasting: presenter/DJ, producer, technical support/engineering
  • Marketing, fundraising and business development: PR, marketing, events, web/app development, content production
  • Volunteer Management: youth support, training, human resources
  • Operations: station admin, finance, IT, facilities


Get involved today call us on 0330 113 1520 or email recruitment@theyouthradionetwork.com